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Volunteer Days

Put Your Positivity Into Action:

Organic Farm For A Day

Volunteer Day’s

At Summit Organics we believe organic farming isn’t just about healthy food production – it’s about belonging to a community of people who care about themselves, the environment and the future. Increasingly, it’s vital for this community to connect with one another, with local farming knowledge and with the land that feeds them. And that’s why we’re opening up our farm for passionate people to come and farm with us for a day each week. It may not change the world overnight, but it might just start a revolution of people connecting back to the land, to farming and to community.

So come and make a difference; learn; get your hands dirty; have fun; and bask in the exquisite beauty of mother nature with us at Summit Organics on our Volunteer Day’s.

Regular volunteers will be gradually exposed to a range of farming methods and will, over time, start to develop confidence and a deeper appreciation for organic methods. For example, throughout the year we grow over 50 different vegetable and herb crops, so you will be exposed to a number of different crops at any one time. It’s a great way to learn; it’s a great way to be involved!

Of course, your volunteer effort is also an enormous contribution to our small farm. Your energy and commitment will support Summit in numerous ways.


WHEN:             Starting Monday, April  2nd, Summit Organics is opening up the farm for “Volunteer Mondays” (other days may be introduced in future).

Our hope is to be open for volunteers every Monday of the year (yes, even on public holidays)… But farming is by necessity a flexible business (you have to be flexible when Mother Nature is your boss), and so to make sure your Volunteer Monday is definitely on, please email/phone us to register your interest and we’ll contact you at (approx) 5pm on the Sunday afternoon prior to confirm.

WHERE:            Summit Organics, 776 Tyalgum Creek Road, Tyalgum, NSW, 2484.

Tyalgum is approx. 25kms west of Murwullimbah – it is an absolutely stunning part of the world, the drive here is incredibly picturesque – if you love a country drive, you’ll love finding us!

On a good run (no traffic or road works), it’s about a 65 minute drive from Miami (on the Gold Coast); it’s just over an hour from Byron Bay and it’s about 80mins from Lismore. (See our directions page for more details).

When you arrive, please just park out the front, near the Welcome sign, and walk up to meet us in the farm shed.

Tyalgum morning (Peter Bracher)


9-9.15am: Arrive in time to participate in farm “smoko” (no one actually smokes, but it’s kind of a quaint/”old school” name for morning tea). We’ll have a tea or coffee, a biscuit and a friendly chat ready to share with you before your farming day begins.

9.45am: Time to get busy. We’ll take a brief (but steep) stroll up into the fields and find a row of vegetables that could use some loving care. With Mt Warning, the Border Ranges and the Tweed Valley as a backdrop you’ll most likely be getting grubby protecting precious organic food crops from weeds. We’ll supply any tools you need and we’ll work alongside you all the way.

1pm: Time for a well-earned rest. If the weather is good, we’ll munch on our lunch looking out over the valley & Mt Warning, if not we’ll hitch a ride down on the back of the ute and all have a quick-lunch and a cuppa in the farm shed.

1.30 – 3.30: We’ll spend a final couple of hours enjoying the wonders of nature as we farm away together.

3.30: Farmer Knock Off Time. Ride the ute or walk back down the hill – now your day as organic farmer is done. If you’re anything like the other volunteers we’ve had you’ll probably be grubby, tired, hungry, fulfilled, and grinning from ear to ear for having had such a rewarding day out in nature.

What to bring:

  • BYO Lunch & Water Bottle (a refrigerator is available).
  • Good sturdy shoes (preferably boots)…they don’t need to be steel-capped. But they will probably get dirty – so we recommend you don’t wear your favourite designer street shoes!

What to wear:

Because the weather is so changeable, here in the foothills of the Border Ranges, it’s a good idea to be really prepared on the wardrobe front. Conditions here can vary a lot from those that are occurring on the coast, so it can also be worthwhile checking out the weather in Tyalgum before you leave. Once you’ve got an idea what the weather is up to then consider some of our friendly advice on weather appropriate farming attire:

  • WET: A raincoat is a must, rainproof pants are great, gum boots can be helpful & you might like to bring a towel & change of clothes to ensure a comfortable trip home.
  • HOT: A good wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen are important; cool clothes that adequately protect your skin from the sun, but which are robust enough to cope with a day in the dirt are the best option. Sunglasses if you like.
  • COLD:  A scarf and beanie can warm your cockles all day & for clothes – layer them – then you can peel bits off while you’re working hard and then put them back on while you’re lunching.

When to RSVP:

Just email or phone us anytime before 5pm on the Sunday prior. Hopefully you will get to speak to one of the Summit crew, if not leave a message and let us know you intend to come. If you need directions or have any questions, let us know and we can call/email you back. If for some reason we have to cancel the Volunteer Day, we will email/phone you back by 5pm on the Sunday prior.



(NB: replace”_at_” with “@” when writing your email)

Phone: 02 6679 2012

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