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Welcome to Summit Organics…

Webpage Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our new webpage

At Summit Organics we are passionate about organic food. We believe that healthy food creates healthy bodies…and healthy food comes from healthy, living soil. At Summit we put a lot of love into our soils, and people frequently tell us they can taste that difference in our produce. You see we only sell what we grow – and throughout the year that consists of more than 50 varieties of vegies and herbs. And we only sell locally, so you can feel at ease about the food miles and freshness of your food. All our produce is harvested just prior to sale – it couldn’t get any fresher – straight from our farm to your plate. Here in these pages you can find out all there is to know about us: what we grow; why we grow; who we are; what we’re up to…

Welcome to our website.

At Summit, we are always looking to the future, and we want that future to be sustainable for us all. Having a strong internet presence is part of our long-term vision to share our passion for organic food and sustainable agricultural practices. So we are very excited to be launching our new website this month. The Summit Organics website will be a portal to all that is happening on the farm and allow you to access the most basic information about us. On this site we will provide you with recipes for food, juices and smoothies; information on organic farming; updates on the most recent news and events here on the property; and much, much more…
A website is a significant step for this small organic farm. It has always been something we aspired to acheive, so its been a long time in the pipeline. Let’s just say it feels very exciting for us to be taking this step.

Looking to a sustainable future...

We have talked about creating a website many times over the years, but our primary focus has always been on producing the highest quality organic food for you to enjoy. This in itself is a time-consuming endeavour and it has taken us years of hard work to refine what we do and bring you the range and quality of produce that we grow today. And we are still learning and trying to improve what we do…

What we do best...

We have a few extra hands around the farm these days, and this has made it possible to focus on some of the projects that have sat patiently in the background. We have a vision that will see us expand and diversify in coming months and years. We want to share and include you in that journey as it unfolds.

We are growing and diversifying...

Many of these changes are just in their developmental stages, so we can’t say too much about them right now. But through our website you can stay in touch as these developments take shape and be a part of the birth of a new era for Summit Organics… So stay tuned!
This is probably a great opportunity to thank all those who have supported us and worked along side us over the years. Some of our greatest supporters you will find listed in our Links, others…well you know who you are!!
With love,
Rod & Tania Bruin

So what does the Summit Organics Website bring you….

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