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Dr Maarten Stapper Speaks

Biological Farming Field Day

On Friday the 16th March, Landcare hosted a Field Day at Summit Organics feauturing visiting specialist on Biological Farming, Dr Maarten Stapper. Dr Stapper has been touring the country since November, speaking to farmers and others about the importance of soil care. He believes, as do we, that the health of the soil ultimately influences the health of plants and the health of human beings who feed on these plants.

Dr. Maarten Stapper

Dr Stapper spent the entire day at Summit, touring the farm as part of the field work component and then speaking and answering questions for a couple of hours after lunch. Approximately 20 people attended the Field Day and Talk. The crew at Summit took the afternoon off from the fields to join in and learn from Dr. Stapper’s expertise.

Jodie Gager speaks with a Field Day particpant

Participants enjoy the talk

Dr. Stapper has been featured on ABC Radio and Australian Story and worked for CSIRO in Canberra and Griffith (NSW). He is now a consultant and has lectured around the world on the benefits of organic-biological farming methods. Dr. Stapper will continue his tour of NSW before returning to Europe to continue his research and lectures. However, he now calls Australia home and completed his Ph.D in Armidale on Wheat production Systems. His original training is in Agricultural Engineering. To learn more, visit his website (see above).

Landcare presented Tania with a present to say thanks for hosting this important event

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