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Entymologists Visit Our Farm

NSW DPI Entymologists Visit Summit Organics

A team from the DPI took the opportunity to visit with us on their recent field trip to Northern NSW.

DPI Visit

Summit Organics was this week graced by the presence of a team of Entymologists from the Orange Agricultural Institute, part of the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Agriculture Department. The team were visiting Northern NSW on an annual bug finding mission. They are currently tracking several bugs in the area and attempting to refine their understanding of their range and habitat. Peter, Cecilia and Chris from the DPI spent a couple of hours wandering around our vegetable fields looking for pests and will soon send a full report on what they found. The rainy weather has meant that a few bugs have been able to flourish, so there was plenty for them to find up top!

Organic farmers do use pesticides, but these are always ‘organic’ compounds, or naturally occuring. Unfortunately, all the rain tends to wash off the sprays we have tried to apply to control bug numbers, and so the pests continue to flourish. Overall however, we have found that our pest problems have reduced significantly as the condition of our soil has improved through the addition of organic compost.

From left: Rod with Cecilia, Chris and Peter Gillespie from the DPI

The team walked away with several bug samples and a lot of notes. They also walked away refreshed by their drive out to the farm and their visit to our spectacular top paddock. Unfortunately the day of their visit was somewhat overcast, so not all the views could be fully appreciated – but nevertheless, the entymologists were a little ga-ga about the beauty of our farm.

Summit is keen to support the work of the DPI and foster a relationship with their research team. Rod commented “It is important to develop relationships with all industry professionals and I have learned a thing or two from chatting with these experts today.”

We look forward to seeing the team when they visit Northern NSW next year.

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