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Chilling out!

New Cold Room Arrives

Well folks, it’s been a long time coming…13 years in fact…but we have finally purchased a new cold storage room. Actually, our old cold room has done a great job up til now, but recently, with increasing demand for our produce from wholesalers, shops and market customers, we decided we needed more space. And space we have got! There’s plenty of room to keep everything cool between the time we harvest and send everything to market.

The delivery was an exciting moment for us, especially for Tan, as she is the one who arranges all the crates of produce in the cold room as they come off the truck. With our old cold room, this was quite a task…everything had to be stacked very carefully in order to squeeze everything in! As you can imagine, this could be a bit time inefficient…trying to juggle crates within limited space… With the new cold room, we can just stroll in and place the crates of veggies anywhere we like! What luxury…

Our new cold room has more than ample space…enough so that there can be an aisle down the centre, making it easy to pick out boxes for the shops, or produce for customers. Importantly, this gives us room to expand in the future, especially if we take on a second Organic Market somewhere in the region. Tania was full of anticipation as she opened the door….

And none of us were disappointed…

After everyone had a look inside, Rod went to work with the tractor to shift it into place. Anthony (Binder) was on hand to help shift it to its new position next to the packing shed. And Michelle was there to snap all the action on her camera!

The new cold room will be fully functional from the end of May.